China Telecom Americas ( is a SIM Card Fraud Company

October 16, 2018

I report the scams of China Telecom Americas on the Internet now, and I urge people not to buy the SIM card of this company, lest your bank account funds be stolen by them.
This company's website claims that their SIM card is very useful in the United States, free and unlimited international calls to 10 countries including China, global SMS is free and unlimited. But in fact, their SIM cards are difficult to use in the US, and usually there is no signal. Their promise is a lie. 

In early May 2018, I bought the SIM card of this company. I sent a few US text messages, and they deliberately turned off the SMS function of my SIM card. I sent my email complaint to them but could not be delivered. Because this company's email can only be sent to customers, and customers can't send any complaints to them. Deliberately not communicating with customers, this is a common feature of fraud companies. The only thing I can do is complain to them on their website. But the result is no response. In addition, their prepaid SIM card plan is opened after the customer pays the fee and is closed if the customer has no prepayment. After I paid the first month's advance payment, I did not pay the advance payment in time for the next month, they stopped my SIM card. However, after I left the United States in early August and returned to China, this company has been stealing my bank account funds privately. When I found out that my bank card funds were stolen by them, I called them and they refused to return the money to me. This company's behavior was seriously illegal, but they refused the refund and continued to steal my bank account funds. Therefore, I have no choice but to ask the bank to close my bank card.
I hope that the netizens who have been cheated by this company will contact me and let us sue this company together. Please contact me by email


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